Life Insurance

Making Sure the Money is There When Needed

Life insurance provides a tax-free cash benefit to pay such items as final expenses and debts and provides an income for dependents. Life insurance, a contractual agreement between you and a life insurance company, can guarantee that the money is there when needed.

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Continuing to meet the obligations and responsibilities following the death of a significant person requires financial planning. Life insurance, payable when you die, can provide a surviving spouse, children, and other dependents, with the funds necessary to maintain their standards of living, can help repay debt, and fund education tuition costs.

Life Insurance – protect the ones you love

A death in the family is never easy, but the loss of an income can make matters worse. Know your family is protected with financial security when they need it most.

  • Use to cover your mortgage.
  • Supplement a loss of income.
  • Pay off debts.
  • Provide child-care costs.
  • Maintain living expenses.

Choose the plan that is right for you.

  • Do you want protection that is easy and affordable? Term life insurance provides coverage over a set number of years at a time in your life when you need it the most.
  • Permanent life insurance offers lifetime coverage to be maintained until death.

Whether it be whole or term life insurance, let our advisors help you with what best fits your needs.

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